Friday, August 16, 2013

When Jack met Tia

A Caribbean Fortune Telling Alley…
Jack: What is it that you do?
Tia: I bring good karma.
I can bring you luck.
I can change your life.
Jack: Can you tell when it’s going to rain?
Can you make mosquitoes fly out of windows?
Can you tell me where I can find a ship?
Tia: Yes. Those things are easy.
Jack: Can you change iron into gold?
Tia: No.
But I have some songs to sing.
I know some stories to tell.
I can give you something to believe in.
Jack: How can I believe what you say?
Tia: You may not yet but you will.
You will have a lucky life.
Follow me and you will see.
The rhythm of THREE.
Tia suggests at three mysterious auguries.
Jack asks three questions.
Tia inspires with three promises.
Then Tia tells Jack three things that will happen.

Narratives can be mysterious, inspirational, or informative.
Locations may be mysterious as in a secret society or a theater.
Locations may be inspirational as in temples or retreats.
Locations may be about knowledge as in conferences or meetings.

So did Jack learn from Tia?
Or did Tia learn from Jack?

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