Monday, October 15, 2012

Google Verbed

As the linguist said to the lawyer…
Lawyer: Google wants to bring a case against anyone who uses Google as a verb.
Linguist: I understand your client’s concern that their brand is being eroded.
Lawyer: But they own the brand. They trademarked it.
Linguist: Could I ask where google got the name from?
Lawyer: It means a lot. From Googol.
Linguist: Did the inventor of “googolplex” sue Google? And they spelt it wrong. G-o-o-g-l-e. They want to patent a spelling mistake?
Lawyer: This is a serious legal issue.
Linguist: I’m not much help to you as an expert witness, I’m afraid. You can’t legislate against popular taste in language use. Xerox tried and failed. Hoover tried and failed. The French tried to outlaw English and failed. Besides, you can’t stop people googling. Google is now an eponym.

Google is a verb derived from a proper noun.
google (transitive verb)
googling (present continuous)
googled (simple past)
was googled (past passive)

Larry Page and Sergey Brin themselves used “google” as a verb as far back as 1998.

But google isn’t an adverb. (googily). Not yet. See the language police and lawyers pounce then.

Short film on Google at


11aa002 said...

I was surprised that Google uses the venture capital money for only hardware.
Furthermore,I was impressed that Google was successful although the venture capital money was not spent on an advertisement.

Susumu said...

Who were the founders of Google?

A.Larry Page and Sergey Brin

I never forget their name because if they didn't develop Google, my life was changed. I use many applications of Google such as YouTube, Google Chrome, Android and so on. I can't think those useful applications are not available.

11AA026 said...

Cite one important Larry Page quotation.

Don't be evil. Do the best we can for everyone.

I've never thought about the data centers of Google. Now these are located on coasts, so I worry about these when a strong sea wave comes there due to climate change.

11AA003 said...

What is a "searching engine"?
a program for the retrival of data from a database or netwaok,esp the Internet

I learned the google's history to see this movie.It was very interesting for me. I thought that our life are supported by "search engine".

Anonymous said...

4:Where did they meet?
They meet in the Gates building, home to computer studies.

I didn't know that Google was NOT the first search engine even though Google is successful and is a well-known site on the Internet.

Anonymous said...


How did Google get its name?
sean spelled "Googol" as "Google".

I was surprised that they didn't spent money on advertising and relied on word of mouth.But now, Google is so famous because their technology is high.

Anonymous said...

Q. Who gave venture capital money to Google first and how much?

A.Andy Bechtolsheim gave $100000.

I could learn Google's history in this movie. I think Google is very important in our life because there are a lot of people who use Google.

Anonymous said...

Q,What did google use the venture capital of money for.
A,The money spent on hardware.

I think Google has latest technology and infuluenced our life.We have to know the background of google in detail.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Q. Who was Google's first CEO?
A. Eric Schmidt was.

I have never thought about environmental problem caused by Google. I understand that Google need centers as same as other industries.

Anonymous said...


Q12. What environmental problem is caused by Google's acitivities?

A.Data canter need water for for cooling (so some canter are located on coasts)

Comment:Today, we are using internet and this would be depend on search engines. Especially, Google is the most useful and more faster search engine. They have constant capacity, even some search engine has either the fastest search speed or bigger number of searches.
If I search one word, Google could find appropriate page what I want to find.

11AA022 said...

Q. What problem did Google strike in China?
A. Routers block Google inside China. Chinese firewall blocks banned expressions, slows down Google searches.

I was surprised that there were many search engines and Larry Page established Google company at the age of 25.
His mother is professor of computer programming and his brother established mailing list service company, "eGroups". So I think his success relates to his family.

Barry Natusch said...

Interesting that not everyone knows the backstory of Google. I think everyone knows WHAT Google is but the "who", "when, "where," and "why" seem less common knowledge.

Anonymous said...


what is Wikipedia and who founded it?

Wikipedia is collaborative encyclopedia and it was founded by Larry Sanger.

I always use Wikipedia when i search something but I haven't know that there were other encyclopedia.