Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Destructive Creation: Sputnik to WWW


Disruptive innovation and creative destruction: In 1957, the Russians launched Sputnik 1.
Nikita: That worried the Americans! It threatened their defence system. If Russian rockets could put up a satellite, then their ICBMs were a threat to the U.S.
Hank: So the Americans set up DARPA and one of the things that did was to make a nationwide network of computers so they could communicate even if one area was bombed.
Nikita: Bones of the internet. Trickledown from military technology to civilian technology.
Hank: Trickledown? This was destructive creation affecting everything: from warfare to culture.
Nikita: You mean creative destruction?
Hank: I just thought destructive creation had more impact.
Sometimes a breakthrough in one field has an unexpected effect in another field.  Online newspapers displace daily paper deliveries. In this case the beep-beep-beep of Sputnik’s technology heralded massive disruptive innovation. Rocket science jump-starts information communication technology.
Of course the internet didn't just piggyback on Sputnik. See a short film, Internet Pioneers,  at http://youtu.be/cttRglPZ7d8


Susumu said...

1969:What was the origin of the internet and what was it for?

A. ARPANET, it is a communication network for linking the country, for example, link San Francisco to New York.

The origin of the internet linked the country in 1969. But nowadays, the internet links all over the world. It's very amazing. I'm grateful to all people who developed the internet. Thanks to the internet, I can get in touch with my friends anytime, anywhere, and I can search what I want to know.

11AA026 said...

2001:Name a sharing application which flourished and another which did not from 2001.

Wikipedia started from 2001 and Facebook did for U.S. students from 2004.

People invented Internet because they needed how to transmit the information of order quickly in case it was possible for a nuclear war. But, now the Internet is indispensable for our life. If it is not, our life may be hard.

11AA022 said...

Q. 1995:How did the general public first access the Internet?

A. General public could access Internet by dial-up connection.

I use Internet every day and it is necessary for our life now. So I'm much obliged to "Father of the Internet", Vinton Cerf. And I also look up to him. Because he uses his interest with deaf people.

Anonymous said...


Q,1991:What was gopher?

A,Point and click to access www information.

I think Internet is convinent for bussiness and education. Because we gather a lot of information by using the internet. Internet`s history is interesting for me.

11AA003 said...

Rusians launched Sputnik 1.
An artificial satelite that cricled
the Earth every 96 munites.

Anonymous said...


In 2005, Youtube has been started. This was a big innovation in the internet. Youtube spreaded in no time around the world. As for the internet, this year made very important.

Anonymous said...

What did the internet first computer virus appear?

A computer worm shuts down 10% of the internet servers.

I learned from the movie that there were many steps until the internet established.
But we can use it easily because people have made efforts.
I hope it will develop further.

Anonymous said...

↑ 11AA033

11aa002 said...

Vinton Cerf first used the word "Internet".
He helped develop TCP, used the word "Internet".

11AA009 said...

1984 what does DNS stand for and give an example.

It means Domain Name System. An example is .com.

I found that from this video, a lot of people that were involved in the development of the Internet. And their achievement is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...


Q 1989: What does WWW of Berners-Lee mean?

A WWW means World Wide Web.

I think internet is very important in my life because I use it for search, e-mail, and so on. I also think internet will be developed in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mark Andreeson and Jim Clark developed Netscape browser.Internet is important for our life.

Barry Natusch said...

Great to see everyone actively commenting. I like your mix of factual responses and expressions of feelings.

Anonymous said...

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol, and FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.

I've been using the Internet for like 10 years. It has been improved and really become useful sourses for searching and even for studying.

Anonymous said...

Larry Page and Sergey Brin heve organized Google. They have same idea about search engines.
Sergey Brin thinks "Do the best we can for everyone".
When I use Google, I think these two persons and search engine system.

Barry Natusch said...

I think the comment quoting "Do the best we can for everyone" belongs in the comments on Google, 31. Never mind, noted.