Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pulling faces on Social Media

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Daniela asks Dave about the rise of social media.
Daniela: Why did Facebook suddenly become so popular?
Dave: Short answer is it was the next new thing. After Web1.0, which was basically one-way transmission, people were ready to try interactive.
Daniela: If that’s the short answer, what’s the long answer?
Dave: Bunch of theories: Six Degrees of Separation, Social Information Processing, Media Richness Theory. Theories to explain things like compensating for non-transmission of nonverbal cues over computers.
Many theories explain aspects of the rise  of social media. Some theories account for details, like Six Degrees. Some develop as media evolves like Social Information Processing Theory. And some theories such as Media Richness Theory are challenged by new ones such as Media Naturalness Theory.

Frigyes Karinthy’s and John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation concept.

Richard Daft and Robert Lengel’s Media Richness Theory.

See also short film on Social Media:



Anonymous said...


What is one idea in social processing theory?

A. Distinguishing between face to face communication.

I have a account on Facebook and mixi and twitter. But I rarely use mixi. I use twitter everyday. Because twitter is easy to post. I sometimes use Facebook. But I think Facebook is dangerous social media. Because we have to use our real name on Facebook. Name is very important personal information.

102 said...

What is the main idea about media richness theory?
A.Media richness theory is a framework to describe a communications medium by its ability to reproduce the information sent over it.
Media richness theorists suggested that computers couldn't provide rich relational communication, but later admitted that video conferencing was a rich medium.

I have a account on FaceBook,but I rarely contribute.
Because I think FaceBook has privacy and security issues and there is uneasiness.

103 said...

Q What does "six degrees of separation mean"?

A It is the idea that everyone, throgh frend's introduction is only six steps from anyone else int the world.

I was surprised that there are many theorys. I use the socail networks. For example, Twitter, Facabook. They are very interesting and useful. But, they have ploblems. So, it is very important to know how to use them correctly.

Anonymous said...

Q What does "facebook" mean?

A It means a directory with photos and information about people.

I use facebook and twitter. I think facebook is good social media because we can connect with foreign friends very easily.

Anonymous said...


Q.Name three other social media companies.

A.Especially, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

It is difficult to use all of them, because many social network systems have appeared.
So we have to choose from what type of SNS should be important for use.
Also, it is limited for us to handle these information that if it is comming at a stretch.

But many social network systems could use it efficiently, by if you connected to the others SNS, for instance, Facebook and Twitter, Twitter and YouTube.
If you know how to use it, I think it could expand the possibility to send your opinion to the world.

One thing that you have to care about it, is not to be as a network cripple.

126 said...

Q. What was the name of the movie based on FaceBook?

A. The name of the movie is The Social Network.

I have ever heard of "The Social Network", but never watched this movie. It describes Facebook's development and suffering, it seems to be interesting contents. So, I'd like to watch this movie if some times.

Anonymous said...

Q.How do social media help people do their work?

A.Malcolm Gladwell's marvens research better using the internet.
His connectors and salesmen are more effective in their work using social media.

Social media help people do many works and private connections. In the future, I think the more social media spread around the world, the more people connect someone else to do work.

Anonymous said...

Q Who proposed the idea of media richness theory?
A Richard L. Daft

It is interesting that most of people know about SNS.
I use them to collect some informations and to communicate with anyone who has something in common.
Because sharing information is a good way to know about a person who has a similar interest or not and so we can get along well.

Anonymous said...


What are the three kinds of people described by Malcolm Gladwell in the Tipping Point?

A.connectors, mavens and salesman.

Social network has good points and bad points. We can inform something on Facebook or Twitter easily but the problem is privacy.

Anonymous said...

Who developed Facebook and when?

Mark Zuckerberg did in 2003.

There are so many individual information on Facebook and anyone can see these.
I think this is a big problem.
We must think of privacy again.

Anonymous said...


QHOW many users are currently on Facebook
and what is the biggest age group.
A. a billion users.under 35.

A lot of people uses facebook.However,, ithink Facebook has our privacy and some informations. so we have to use it carefully.

Anonymous said...


How does Facebook generate income?
Facebook generates income from advertising.

I sometimes use soceal net works. It is useful to know about my friends. However, I should be cautious of net works.

LH said...
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