Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Luther’s church door as a social media app

Historian and technologist discuss the election:
Historian: Luther began it. He was annoyed at the demands of the Catholic church for funds from the poor people to build a church when the church had plenty of money of its own. So he nailed his “95 theses” to the church door at Wittenburg in protest.
Technologist: And that set off the Reformation. I see a parallel. People protesting using texting in the Philippines against Estrada, the people sending messages in protest in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Power to the people.
Historian: Maybe that church door in Wittenburg was the first social media app.
Power to the politicians too. In the recent U.S. election, the Democrats used a social media app, Narwhal, to encourage people to vote for them. The Republicans used a similar app, Orca, for the same reason. Narwhal was successful enough, Orca crashed. Did social media swing the election result?

Short film on the move from broadcast media to social media in politics here at:  http://youtu.be/LH9fCzggds4


Anonymous said...

What did Luther do which started an attack on the Church?

A. Reformation: In 1517, he protested about the Catholic church's domination and corruption.

Social media is very effective for a very long time. Since it has very big power, it is becoming a kind of threat. So it does not only influence politics but also other things.

102 said...

What was the name of the movement that Luther started?
A."95 theses"

I was surprised that leaders used pictures to show their power.
Now politician like Barack Obama, uses social media to show their power.
I learned that when the time changed, a tool also changed.

122 said...

Q. Why did Kennedy beat Nixon in 1960 ?
A. Because he looked better than Nixon on TV.

With the spread of SNS, it became easy for politicians to tell their opinion or policy. But it is fact that it became easy for us to share information, gather people and protest.

126 said...

Q. Give an example of well-known Americans who use Twitter for political reasons.
A. Barak and Michelle.

Social media was used in very old ages. In each ages, media used to do something is not same, but it has been used the same in the point of showing the power.
Now a variety of the current election use social media like Twitter, Facebook and so on.

103 said...

Q How did the Egyptian pharaohs use media ?
A sorry, I can't find the ansers.
Q who was Martin Luther and when did he live?
A In 1517, Martin Luther protested about the catholic church's domination and corraption.

I was sursprised to know that media
was used many years ago.

Anonymous said...


Q What media started a new trend in influencing politics in 1960?

A Visual images can be more powerful than audio.

There are history in media. Egyptian pharaohs use media to show their power. It is very interesting for me.

Anonymous said...

4. What was the media which helped spread Luther's ideas?
A. On the church door in Germany.

I have no idea what our life would be like if we don't use social media to spread a word, news, information or whatever. In fact I use iphone to know what's happening around the world. It's very convenient and fast. I'm glad that we are living with such a great technology.