Friday, November 30, 2012

Orwell's Dystopia, Huxley's Dystopia

George and Aldous discuss their visions of the future:
George: Big Brother will ban books.
Aldous: There’ll be too many books to read.
George: Big Brother will deprive us of information.
Aldous: We’ll be fed so much information we’ll be paralyzed.
George: Big Brother will spy on us with cameras and microphones.
Aldous: Computers will spy on our trivial shopping lists and suggest alternatives.
George: Big Brother will control us by inflicting pain.
Aldous: People will be controlled by indulging in pleasure.
Conversation adapted from an Orwell-Huxley infographic created by Column Five for Akom Entertainment. In Orwell's dystopia, we have no choice to escape. In Huxley's dystopia, it is also hard... to escape from pleasure.

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