Monday, April 30, 2012

An Avatar for Mohammed?

No images please, we're Muslims
Mohammed in a nutshell
Mohammed was born 571 years after Christ. He was an illiterate businessman. About the age of 40 he was praying to God in a cave near Mecca and heard a voice tell him “You are the messenger of God.” People followed his teachings. Persecutors attacked them so in 622 Mohammed and his Muslim followers migrated to Medina. Muslims began attacking Meccan trading caravans, because they had no resources. In the battle of Badr, Muslims defeated the Meccans and later moved back to Mecca to take over that city too.
Parallels. God appeared before both Moses and Mohammed in a cave and told them to lead the people. In both accounts, persecution occurred and an exodus or migration took place. Mysterious commanding voices in dark places, gathering followers in need of a leader, migrating to higher ground. These simple events of a good story make a myth, build a culture, draw adherents.

Differences: In pragmatic approach: Christ taught his followers peace, Mohammed led his followers into battle. Christ gave himself up at the age of 34, Mohammed passed away after completing his work at 62. There are books: the Bible Christians read, written by Christ’s followers. And the Koran written by God through Mohammed.

Then there is the graphic issue. Christ’s picture is everywhere, Mohammed’s picture is nowhere. Is it better PR to fill the media everywhere with a Christ image? Or to disallow representational art forms and hope that mystery will attract as with Mohammed? In terms of numbers of adherents, (Christians 2 billion, Muslims 1.6 billion) both approaches seem effective enough.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the Bible that attracts Christians and the Koran that attracts Muslims? Or is it their prophets, Jesus and Mohammed that attract adherents? Or the laws that each religion lays down? Or is it the need to follow someone, something, anything? The need to follow?

Barry Natusch said...

People follow many different -isms to get through their lives:
Aristotelianism, Cynicism, Epicureanism, Stoicism, Liberalism, Pragmatism, Absurdism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shintoism.... yes, even Christism and Mohammedism.
It's the need to follow "something."

Susumu said...

In my opinion, Islam is agressive religion. Because the leader, Mohammed, is agressive person. When Muslims persucuted, Mohammed told Muslims to fight persecutor. Other reason is that Battles are continuous in the area where Islam is faith.

11AA002 said...

I did not find a difference well until I learned about Mohammed and Jesus Chirist by the lesson.

Christ taught his followers peace,Mohammed led his followers into battle.

Both had a big difference.

Anonymous said...


I think Muslims are so polite to God but it does not seem formal or ceremonious .

A religion including Isram or Crist looks culture for me.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the charactristic things of Islam is many sects. Sunnis and Shias are well-known sects, and we often hear this names on terrorism news. I fell fearful impression.

There is same God in Islam and Crist. So they have many common points, I think.

Anonymous said...


I think Muslim believes the god,and has strict rules. For instance, they can`t eat pork,drink alcohol and so on.But I do not know that is correct, their acts are going to have many means. I guess.

11AA003 said...

I learned Mohammed and Jesus christ are opposite.
Mohammed made the batteles and jesus christ made the peaces.
I think religion is some difference and it is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I think Mohammed is a awesome people because he could become the messenger of god.
And I was surprised at the action that Mohamed fought to Meccan.

11AA026 said...

There are many Muslims in the world, even in the U.s,
but they everyone may not have dangerous ideas necesarily, it's a part.
And I was amazed that the same God as Christ's case appeared in front of Mohammed.

11AA014 said...

I think Islam is very interesting.
Because Angel Gabriel come to the Mohammed's front to lead people in the same way as Jesus.
Is Angel Gabriel the most greatest person?

Anonymous said...

At first, I was surprised that there are many many Muslims in the world now. And I think Islam is different from Christianity in that idolatry is prohibited.