Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12

Asimov challenges Nostrodamus:
Asimov: So what’s significant about three numbers in a date being the same?
Nostrodamus: Everything’s in line for a big movement. It’s significant.
Asimov: Humbug. How many times is Doomsday predicted? And it never happens.
Nostrodamus: But then something happens out of the blue like 9/11. Doomsdays come when nobody expects. Anyway, isn’t saying “white rabbit” first of every month superstition?
Asimov: Err, that’s different. That’s a bit of fun. Willing suspension of scientific thinking.
Today is 12-12-12.
The final film in the series of 12 media films is posted. Three cheers! 12! 12! 12!
And 12-12-12 heralds in the shopping season!


Anonymous said...

What is the most popular online shopping site worldwide?


I sometimes shop on amazon. It is very convenient for me. Because if you order the goods at daytime, you can get the goods next day. But I'm sometimes worried about my credit card. In this assignment, I could know how to check the security.

103 said...

Q1 Give an advantage and a disadvantage of online shopping?
A Advantage is that it is very conveninent.Disadvantage is that seeing the pictures is not enogh.
Q What kinds of products are suitable and which not suitable to shop for online?
A It is suitable ones are ones you can't buy nearby and unsuitabele ones are those like clothes, food the ones are need to put on, or you can't have enough safty with.

I think online shopping is very convenient for us. But, it is important to select which products we should buy them by online shopping.

102 said...

Give an early example of an early  online shopping business.

Sorry,I can't find the answer.

I have ever used online shopping.
Because I have security concern.
But I learned online shopping has some advantages.
For example, we can get foreign goods easily.

122 said...

Q. What does B2C and B2B mean ?
A. B2C means "business to consumers" and B2B means "business to business".

I often use online shop to buy books, mainly amazon. Because there are many kinds of books and I can buy cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Q.What percentage of customers consult reviews before they shop for electronics goods online?

A.I can't find it.

I think a lot of customers consult reviews before they shop for electronics goods online.
In fact, I always consult reviews when I use online shopping sites, and I am easily influenced by reviews. They are very important factor to people who use online shopping.

Anonymous said...


Q.How can you tell if you are using encryption when supplying credit card date?

I know there are many advantages and disadvantages in online shopping.So we ought to buy and sell more carefully.

Anonymous said...


What does analogy means?

it means a similarity between tow things.

Sometimes I use Amazon. It is convenient because they deliver at convenience store near my house. so we don't have to wait at home to receive the products. this is the point i love it.

Anonymous said...


Q.Draw a graph of the "long tail" and label X and Y axes.
A.selling a large number of items in small quantities, and selling a few popular items in large quantities.

I think individual information may flow out when i buy somethings on online shopping site using my credit card. So I buy few things by online shopping.
But i try to use onlinshopping site carefully from now on.

126 said...

Q. What is a limiting factor preventing online shopping developing?
A. B2C and B2B

I would often buy clothes on the online shopping. I've never seen only something by delivering. Surely, it's fortune. But, problem can prevent to the minimum if we check out products closely.

Anonymous said...


We should not forget that an online shopping is not always safety. When using individual information, we should be careful.

Anonymous said...


Q.What are the six steps in the process of online shopping?
A.Access the website, choose something to buy, add it to the shopping cart, prepare your cresit card, check the website is genuine and secure.

I sometime use online shopping, and I think it is very convenient.