Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color blind

Agnetha explains her condition.........

Agnetha: I’m colorblind.

Bertha: How did you find out?

Agnetha: They test you when you retake your driving licence. It showed up.

Bertha: Which colors?

Agnetha: Red and green. They look the same to me.

Bertha: But you’ve been driving for years. Do you see red, see green, as different?

Agnetha: To me I do. Not to them. They took my licence away. But I managed.

Bertha: You never had an accident.

Agnetha: When the traffic stops I stop. When the traffic goes, I go. I flow.



Agnetha copes. The red light is (usually) at the top of the signal cluster.

The test of identifying a number in a matrix of colored dots identified her red/green problem. People with normal vision see "8". Red/green colorblind people see "3". But how often do we run across such a picture in daily life?


Anonymous said...

It's a Beautiful two twins or two circles color in this multiple pattern, two women are talking about this? It's only show in your blog, Awesome!

Anonymous said...

It's rare for a female to have color blindness. There are three basic variants of color blindness. Red/green color blindness is found in 8 percent of Caucasian males and 0.5 percent of Caucasian females. Agnetha is Caucasian I presume?

Barry Natusch said...

Agnetha is Danish. So she is one out of every 200 Caucasian females that have color blindness. But it isn't an either/or condition. Some people perceive hues more intensely than others. Color blind people have reduced perception of hues.