Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reinterpreting Luke (5.1-11)


Two fishermen come in from wading the waters.

Simon: Catch anything?

Andrew: Nothing. A big fat nothing. There isn’t anything out there.

Voice from the shore: Go back out, cast your nets deeper.

Simon: You know him?

Andrew: Saw him here the other day. He’s the one who fed everyone with two fish and five loaves.

Voice from the shore: In the deep water, beyond the rock.

Simon: Funny look in his eye.

Andrew: Go back out? Give it a try?

Simon: Give it a try.


And the rest is history.

Telling a fisherman to go out again is like preaching to the converted.

Good persuasion is a set of confident directions.

It will convert the despairing, empty-handed into true believers.


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