Saturday, October 9, 2010

Passion and Patience

Rodriguez takes his nephew Emilio to the football.

Emilio: Can we go by car?
Uncle Rodriguez: Sorry, still haven’t got it running.
Emilio: When will that be?
Uncle Rodriguez: Sometime. I’m waiting for a distributor cap.
Emilio: You always say that.
Uncle Rodriguez: I know. It’s not easy to fix these old things. Got to be patient. Things can happen without pushing.
Emilio: Like winning a football game? Like we’ll be rich one day? That car will turn into a tree before it gets fixed.
Uncle Rodriguez: Hmmm.

There are some who are passionate about football. Like Emilio who believes passion is headlong flight towards a goal. His questions thrust and drive.

There are some who are passionate about old cars. Like Rodriguez who believes patience is simply passion on slow burn. His answers are imperturbable and easy-going. An archetypal uncle.

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