Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Online Education: Immortality as Motivation

Immortal Jellyfish: Turritopsis nutricula
...Ghosh is quizzed by his academic sister Cerese:
Ghosh: I’ve enrolled. Marine Biology. Online.
Cerese: But distance learning can feel very isolating. Studying on your own. Not knowing if you’re the only one having difficulty.
Ghosh: And his field: immortality. Jellyfish.
Cerese: OK. Great topic. Useful. But academics don’t always make their online offerings palatable. Long tracts of text, no pictures – did you know 80% of what we learn is visual?
Ghosh: PDFs to read, JPGs to illustrate, YouTube talks to listen to, site links to virtual reality museum tours, videoconferencing one a week of the online learning community.
Online learning is not for everyone.
Instructors have a responsibility to entertain as well as educate. For example, Shin Kubota is great at karaoke.
Students have a responsibility to make sure they have a need for taking the course. Who can argue with immortality for motivation?

See movie on online education here:


Susumu said...
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Anonymous said...


What is the role of a school?

A. To make good people, To make good citizens, To make each person his or her personal best.

Nowadays, there are many way for education. When I was a high school student, I went to prep school. The prep school uses DVD. Students watch a lecture on DVD. It is a modern way.

102 said...

What are some difficulties with evaluating schools?
A. If there are many different expectations, evaluating a school is difficult.

I didn't know about the National Palace Museum in Taipei.
I was surprised because people who want to see some things at museum don't have to visit there.
But I want to see real things than see virtual things.

Anonymous said...


Q. What is an online school?

A. It is a website.

I think we can learn many things in websites. And I was surprised that 80% of learning is visual.

103 said...

Q What did Socrates say about education?
A I want to know what it is I don't know.
Q What did E.Dimnel say about education?
A School Athens.

I think school is important for human's life. Because school has studying and playing .Studying is also important, but playing is important, too.Forexample, talking
with friends, eating lunch with friends.So,I think school is important.

122 said...

Q. What are some different types of museums ?
A. architectural, rustic, commemorative, interactive, indoors, or outdoors.

I have seldom gone to the museum. So it was surprised that such many roles are in a museum. I think that I will utilize a museum for study from now on.

Anonymous said...

Q.What are principles of a well-designed website.
A Like seattle pacific university, Harvard bussiness school, Biola undergrad.???????????

I was surprised there are a lot of education system. So we can choose a favorite type in them. And museums in taipei gives some surprises as virtual reality displays.

Anonymous said...

A, Visual clear focused spaced navigable.

126 said...

Q. What are some different types of cinemas?
A. Action, SF, Comedy and so on.

Q. Ideally, what should schools, museums and cinemas inspire in the visitor?
A. They should all share common features, and need to be entertaining and educational at the same time.

I was surprised that there are educational aspects for cinemas.
If school is entertainment, our life is surrounded by interesting events.

Anonymous said...

I think education must be entertaining in schools. If school teachers give lessons interestingly, students will get to motivate.
Museums are the best place to learn and entertain.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


What did Walt Disney say about entertainment?

A. He said about entertainment that "I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."

Educating is the human's generated power , I think.
It is because human are inteligent animals.
For example, even there are making their own societies as like as the other animals, the relationship is complicated.
So I guess online could be as a inteligent person, but it would be difficult to learn the societies from their process.

Entertainment could know about the feeling that how to react from their products.

Anonymous said...


What is the role of a museum?
To collect, preserve, research, present and educate.

I undersood that there are many educational system. I want to be able to have vastly different perspectives.