Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting up early

9:45 AM in the classroom.


Teacher: You’re late.
Student: I know.
Teacher: Get up late?
Student: Not late. Five AM actually.
Teacher: FIVE! You’re kidding me. FIVE! What WERE you doing?
Student: Stuff. Just stuff. Like choosing what clothes to wear today.
Teacher: Five hours to choose clothes and get to school! You’re, what 50 minutes…?
Student: Forty, actually. But I went home once.
Teacher: Huh, Forgetting…?
Student: Didn’t forget. Got halfway here and then realized my T shirt color wasn’t right so I went back to change.
Teacher: You’re joking me.
Student: Not really. It’s true. Sorry.
Teacher: Sorry’s not in my dictionary. Not for this sort of excuse.
Student: Hmm, guess not. Well, sorry anyway.


I am NOT making this up. Male students are crossing gender behavior lines. The teacher can do no more than express incredulity in two protestations that this is all just a put-on: “You’re kidding me!” “You’re joking me.”



Lawrie Hunter said...

I thought the gender behavior lines were gone...
anyway, that graphic, is that Naxi hieroglyphics?
And happy new year to your esteemed self sir.

N_O said...

Gender behavior lines...
This reminds me that recently, feminine men are offering a lot of topics to news reporters and named like "Sweets boys" by their preferences.
I think it's good to share the same tastes but...

Barry Natusch said...

Happy New Year Lawrie, my NY rezzie is to get more regular, in exercise, in posting, in every whichway, thanks to you cajoling the old Lister diesel into life again. Thanks and joyous celebrations to you and yours, whatever gender we find ourselves cloaked in or croaking from. Ho, but you have a keen eye for the hieroglyphs, yes, it is Naxi, it has a certain pedagogical message without showing the pedagogue in close up detail...

Barry Natusch said...

N underscore O, So good of you to drop by, AND comment, despite the final editing currently engaing you. Not to mention the housecleaning! Gender-benders? Guess androgyny has been around a while, certain renaissance pictures even hint at it... Was the Mona Lisa REALLY a man? Happy New Year!