Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Two newly over-60s, who have registered to receive retirement benefits, mull.

Tom: You ever, mmm?

Willis: Ever what?

Tom: Ever think about starting a second life?

Willis: Second life as in Second Life? The game?

Tom: Second life as in start a new job. Now that retirement looms.

Willis: I should. If I don’t prepare, then I’ll be stuck with only these skills and this way of thinking and then have to beg them to keep me on as a part-timer.

Tom: On a severely reduced income.

Willis: And be like those who keep coming to work because they’ve got no new places to go.

Tom: They say that upskilling makes you feel younger.

Willis: Yeah, cut the fat and delay dementia.

Tom: So what do you like to do?

Willis: (long pause) Hmm. Kind of like what I’m already doing.

Tom: What do you do?

Willis: Teach a bit, take care of those around me.



Two features of an unstructured mulling session.

Clarification of “second life”. Product names sometimes usurp everyday expressions.

One speaker builds on the other’s ideas: “On a reduced income” … “And be like…”

Despite Tom and Willis’ views of second lifing, Willis’ “take care of those around me” is a nice reminder of a fundamental human value.

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Lawrie Hunter said...

Dear Muller,
Now that resonates! Reminds me of a convie I had with a dear friend not long ago. Thinking of my retired friends in Canada, off on their YEARLY Caribbean cruises; to their gated-community resorts in 'Cuba'; to their thrice weekly golf/skiing - why I mull that over and I think "ohne mich." Glad to see wh5 breathing O2 again!
Herr Muller