Friday, January 1, 2010

New year resolutions

Out with the old, in with the new.


VVVV: We should do something auspicious.
VV:      Yes. Aus – Australian?
VVVV: Of course not. Something fireworksy. In keeping with the occasion. It is, after all…
VV:      Yes.  You said.
VVVV: How about we write down all the habits we want to leave behind in 2009?
VV:      Like?
VVVV: Like not procrastinating. What you do, is you write down on paper all the things you’re NOT going to do this year.
VV:      A sort of reverse resolution?
VVVV: Clear the decks. No more sleeping all weekend. No more tantrums. No more useless boyfriends.
VV:      And then?
VVVV: You burn the paper. Bingo, all the old habits have gone and you start the new year with a fresh set of good ones.
VV:      That easy?
VVVV: Piece of cake Believe me.


New year resolutions are as old as new years.  We make them, we break them. And often, it is those who are most gung-ho about making them who end up breaking them as the year unfolds. Vocal and vociferous Valerie Va Va Voom is adamant about ousting the old while the vapid Violet Vichy needs a little leading.

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