Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man in the Moon

It’s moon cake time in China and Man in the Moon is challenged:


Where’ve you been?

MM: What do you mean? “Where’ve I been?”

Well, you haven’t posted anything for a month.

MM: Who’d notice?

Some of us thought you’d DIED!

MM: Things were difficult. For one thing, China.


MM: The site is blocked in China. I couldn’t log on.

But you weren’t in China for a MONTH! You exaggerate.

MM: No, but I was in other places that made me feel like I was.

That difficult?

MM: That difficult.


A conversation with a LOT of questions. Even questions posing as responses to questions:

Where’ve you been?
What do you mean? “Where’ve I been?”

And a quaint ending:

That difficult?
That difficult.

The falling intonation on the imitated utterance turns the question into a statement.



Lawrie Hunter said...
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Lawrie Hunter said...

Excellent queixo!
Just back from Galicia, missing the Arzúa.
Lorenzo do Albariño

Barry Natusch said...

Lawrie, good to see you back! Sain et sauf! Muchos apologios pour le silence. La lune, savez vous? I am rehabilitating. Meaning the gravity is heavier here. I have to relearn how to walk, how to talk.

Plus d'histoires sous peu, bon ami.