Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moral of the story

Emi and Mai have been given the task of thinking of a story with a moral in communication class.


Emi: The news always has good stories.

Mai: That one, that one about the baby dropped from the third floor.

Emi: I know, and it landed in the net and didn’t cry, like nothing had happened.

Mai: Weak moral though.

Emi. Ignorance is bliss?

Mai: Maybe. How about the one about the twenty elderly people caught in a bus in a flood.

Emi: They all drowned?

Mai: They cut up the curtains and made a rope and climbed out onto the roof.

Emi: Necessity is the mother of invention?

Mai: That’ll do.



For a ready-made moral, try attaching a proverb to a story. Quick and easy.


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