Monday, September 22, 2008

Being there

JB has bought an expensive pair of earphones, better than FG's standard issue.


FG: But, c’mon, why spend that much? You get a free set of earphones with your iPod. Why would you want to spend more than the music player on just another set of earphones?

JB: Upgrade. More than an upgrade. Think of it this way. You’ve got this great stream of music in the player and it reaches your ears through a pathetic little pipe.

FG: Doesn’t say much. You can still hear what’s coming through.

JB: OK. Sound coming through those little el-cheapo one-dollar earphones is merely dynamic vibrations. These earphones have three mini-amplifiers, each dedicated to a different range of frequencies. They separate the sounds so you hear each instrument, like seeing bright colors instead of a muddy blur.

FG: Really?

JB: Not only that but the earphones sit tightly in your ears and block out surrounding sounds.

FG: Is it worth the extra?

JB: It’s like being there. Actually being there. Your eyes start to see what your ears hear.



JB is on the defence but he’s marshalling some convincing arguments.

He reinforces (Upgrade. More than an upgrade… like being there, actually being there…).

He uses contrast by denigrating the lesser product (el-cheapo one-dollar… pathetic little pipe…).

His similes show the upgrade in a superior light (like seeing bright colors instead of a muddy blur).

Oh, he alliterates and rhymes (You start to see what your ears hear). Poetic style. He gets my vote despite the economics.


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