Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fortune telling

Noah visits a fortune teller.

Fortune Teller: What would you like to know?

Noah: I would like to know what will happen. That’s what you do?

Fortune Teller: I cannot guarantee everything I say will happen. But I can see that something will happen to you before the end of the year.

Noah: To do with relationships?

Fortune Teller: There will be changes in the lives of those close to you. This will also affect your fortunes. You should take care of your health.

Noah: Bad luck?

Fortune Teller: There is a cycle. Bad luck it may be but good luck will surely follow.

Noah: I have a future?

Fortune Teller: You have a long future. In this life and the next. Go long on futures.


Fortune telling is the art of suggesting everything by saying nothing. Delivering with an air of suitable gravitas. And backing yourself up by offering no guarantees.

Try reading someone else’s horoscope this week as your own. Everything written will come to pass. It’s all in the large print.


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