Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fennel or dill?

There is discussion over whether one of the herbs at the restaurant is fennel or dill.


William: Isn’t it fennel?

Shastra: It’s dill. Anyone knows it’s dill.

William: Not fennel?

Shastra: Dill. I know it. I’ve planted it.

William: You’re sure?

Shastra: This looks like dill, it tastes like dill, it must be dill.

William: I don’t know. I still think it’s fennel.

Shastra: Look, fennel is not dill. That’s why I know. I’m not saying anything anymore.



Winning arguments is not always about using logic.

Insistence sometimes wins the day.

Are you in the fennel camp using phrases like "I still think..." or in the dill camp using phrases such as "I know it..."?



Mai said...

fennel or dill...both leaves are spices.Which is good smell fennel or dill?

KANA said...

what is 'fennel'??