Sunday, September 14, 2008

Holiday's over

Michael grumbles but Sara is not entirely sympathetic.

Michael: Seven weeks of the eight gone and what have I got to show for it?

Sara: I told you, didn't I!

Michael: I know, I know, but time just slips by.

Sara: You have to compartmentalize your time, even on holiday. Bill Clinton was good at it.

Michael: I'm not Bill Clinton, I'm nearly retired. And I'll tell you this. There's a difference between those working and and those not working and their attitude to time.

Sara: Which is?

Michael: Those working have boxes to fill with time. Regular boxes with a fixed volume. Those not working carry around balloons. They can fill their balloons with a little time, or a lot of time. For them, time flows, time is fluid, time is rubbery.


Sara uses standard inflammatory chunks "I told you..." and "You have to..." to chastize hapless Michael.

Michael, shoulders rising, looking away, enters defence mode, using expressions like "I know, I know..." and "I'm not..." to deflect criticism.

Then he plays a canny defence move. He enters analytical mode, taking the focus off the personal and soaring into the philosophical with his treatise on Time.

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