Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Abenomics Meme

A narratologist, Harris Tottle, has truck with a memist, Mimosa...

Harris Tottle: Abe rose with the spring but, mark my words, he’ll fall before autumn.
Mimosa: Pictures are already depicting this rise and fall. These are the memes of Abenomics.
Harris Tottle: Might even call them narremes.
Mimosa: There’s such a word?
Harris Tottle: There’s such a word. But it’s not a well thought out concept.
Mimosa: Neither is Abenomics.
The concept of memes as being cultural ideas that self-replicate, spread and mutate, like genes, is a convenient analogy. But even Richard Dawkins cautioned that “Memes are a philosophical method; they aren't a scientific object.”

If memes are chunks of culture, are narremes chunks of stories?

In a forest of ideas, analogies help us sketch the species we stumble upon.

Abenomics memes from The Economist.

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