Friday, September 26, 2008


Would-be paparazzi students Wang and Jang are trying to catch a photo of the new prime minister as he comes out of a lunch meeting.


Wang: This is hard work. My cousin gets his news from the internet, rewrites it, downloads a photo, photoshops it, then files the story as an email attachment from a coffee shop.

Jang: He’ll be caught out someday.

Wang: Says when the game’s up he’ll just set up as a fashion model photographer.

Jang: Even harder than what we do. All posed, no scandal, no story. We just might catch him with a fashion model.



Picture worth a thousand words?

Celeb-stalking can be lucrative. One picture a thousand dollars? Picture with story (who, where, what, when, why….) and the fee for the package can go ten times higher.

Paparazzi 101: a subject now taught in art school.

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