Saturday, February 18, 2017

Troll bones found in Norsewood

Ready for a new assignment…
Woodward: Things are getting exciting. Today he rambled incoherently, then shouted at everyone they weren’t giving him a fair hearing and burst into tears.
Bernstein: Sounds like a story I could report on.
Woodward: Get yourself up here. There’s more than just giving speeches nobody understands. He’s giving orders for the police to arrest mayors and judges who won’t do what he orders.
Bernstein: This sounds more exciting than reporting from Norsewood. Hey, did I tell you they just found evidence for the existence of trolls? Troll bones have been excavated.
Woodward: You’ll get more readers if you cover the news up here.
Incoherency? Anger? Tears? An approval rating suggesting that still a third of the people approve of him? Maybe they identify with incoherency and anger and tears…

Choose your stories. Know what people will read. What’s hot, what’s not. But sometimes a little light relief is good too, eh Trevor?

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