Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The artist, the fan and the critic

The comic artist answers a fan and a critic…
Fan: So now you have a contract?
Artist: Yeah. Illustrating Where in the World is Dracula.
Fan: What did you do in that first one? Vampire in Detroit. No fangs, no cape?
Critic: It broke the myth.
Artist: Suited the location. Prosaic place.
Critic: It diluted the horror. No cape, no fangs, no fear.
Artist: Species adapt as they migrate.
Failure of suspended disbelief
Storytellers adapt narration, location, and decoration. Superman kisses Lois Lane on the moon. Earth in the background. No space suits, no air bubbles. My willing suspension of disbelief pops. The myth is broken by a splinter of science in my head. The old myth fails, the new myth flails. Methinks the artist doth simplify too much.


Anonymous said...

How a beautiful picture is! Beauty and hero, it's always the most pleasure for a movie loving prefers to see. Superman! A hero, can do what others can not. A beauty, she loves to be with the man who can protect her. Therefore, they can live out of earth, the space or a paradise-Beautiful garden.

Barry Natusch said...

The point of the post is that the location is unrealistic. How can you live on the moon without air? The narrative is implausible, in terms of S.T. Coleridges's phrase "willing suspension of disbelief." As science progresses, so more of our old myths are broken. It is the task of the storyteller to invent new, plausible tales to replace the old ones.

rolenzo said...
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rolenzo said...

Bravo! Speaking of unreal locations, 2012 is promising to shatter previous LPs.
And speaking of "No space suits, no air bubbles.", Van Morrison did some time ago create a location called "No Guru, No Method, No Teacher" - and what was the location he was working to dispel?
Speaking of the gates of dawn...

Barry Natusch said...

Thanks for the pointer to Van Morrison. An enjoyable diversion to trawl through his troubador texts. Personally I'm not ready to abandon face-to-face to FaceBook. But dictation and desks are gradually giving way to the music of the spheres.