Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zero-Sum Game Opposite?

As the economist said to the student...
Economist: Noughts and Crosses is a zero sum game, a ZSG.
Student: Meaning?
Economist: Means one player wins, the other loses.
Student: What do you call it when both players win?
Economist: A game where everyone wins? A win-win game. A positive sum game.
Student: What about a game where everyone loses?
Economist: Like nuclear war? A negative sum game I guess.
Is there an opposite to a zero-sum game? Here’s an interesting discussion.

Video games are almost all zero sum games. In a very difficult game, if you give up, the game wins. I’m hard put to suggest a video game where everyone wins. For a short introduction to video games go here


Anonymous said...

Name five genres of video games.

A.Adventures, Sports, Fantasy, Puzzle, Simulation

I think game is developing. Because we can play games on our phone and the games are high quality. I often see people playing games in the train. Regardless of gender, Many people play games. But recently I don't play game at all.

102 said...

What is the average age of U.S. gamer?
A.Average age of gamer is 37.

Usually I don't play game.
But this video was interesting for me.
If I have chance, I want to play puzzle and dragon!

103 said...

Q Name three genres of traditional board games and give exampkes.

A Luck:Snakes and ladder

Eample is Pacman.

I leaerned the histry of the Video games.I was sureprised to hear that.I play the games on the iphone,it is interesting to see the video games on the different point of view.

Anonymous said...

Q What is the current market for video games and what will it be in 2015?

A It is $56 billion in 2010 and it will be $&82 billion by 2015.

I sometimes play video games with my friends or my family. I often play Wii and DS. In Japan, I think there are many interesting video games.

122 said...

Q. What approaches can video games makers take to get users to pay ?
A. Console games have cinematic graphics and can fetch $60 per box.

The time to play video games decreased as I grew older. And I don't have an image with which a woman plays a game. So I was surprised that the average age of gamer is 37 and nearly a half of women play video games in the U.S.

126 said...

Q. What does "simulation" mean in a computer gaming context?
A. To go through some experiences in the virtual reality.

Simulation helps one's experience and one can go through to get maximum chance.
Simulation is best virtual experience.

Anonymous said...

Q. Why are games so popular?

A. Games combine the insatiable human desire for play with the power of human technology.

I think all games are very exciting for many people. So children and adults are deeply absorbed in playing games.

Anonymous said...


The history of games is very interesting for me. When i was a childfood, i played "gameboy". Now, i play games with iphone. What is next game?