Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Trump’s Legacy: "The Evil Skill of the Lie"

2018: A new book comes out…
Bill: Skill, yes, I’ll grant you that. Nothing subtle, doesn’t deserve “art”, nor even “craft”.
George: Based on lies, it's extreme deception.
Bill: A legacy called “The Evil Skill of the Lie”. How could you ever trust such a person?
George: You have to admit, he has a low animal cunning.
Bill: Combined with bullying, blustering and battle-axing.
George: An ugly combination.
Bill: A president should be motivated by and remembered for higher ideals.
America becomes Italy:
Be careful what you wish for...

Such media-driven campaigns fuelled by falsities have happened before. Media, and now social media, have a lot of holes to plug.

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