Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dr Strangetrump

The triumph of ignorance…
I have hair, TOO!
George: How are you coping after the barbarians stormed the fort?
Bill: Testing alternative realities. Went to a movie festival.
George: Some insight into saner societies?
Bill: That, yes. But there were also re-mastered versions of classics. Dr Strangetrump, sorry, Dr Strangelove. I watched that. Suddenly, it seemed very contemporary.
George: In political, social, and economic arenas, paraphrasing John Neumann, can we expect mutually assured self-destruction?
Bill: Looks like it. Brace yourself. His policies, his personality, his loopiness will land us all in big trouble.
Embarrassing for America that half their voters cannot understand either governance or global issues. As The Economist points out this week, expect further healthcare hardship, tax cuts for the rich subsidized by the poor, more racial and ethnic unrest, trade wars further impoverishing poor Americans, global recession, military cuts destabilizing Europe and Asia. It is the poor who voted this man in who will suffer most.

And global warming a hoax? With a narcissistic, thin-skinned, undisciplined conman pushing conspiracies like that, those who voted for Trump could see even fewer jobs in the US to apply for. Poor America. Poor world.

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