Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Into the Void: The U.S. Election Outcome

George and Bill commiserate...
George: The hand-wringing, the teeth-gnashing, the metaphors of excess keep bubbling out. What went wrong?
Big red U.S. belly
Bill: Well, we in our educated isolated sound-box, ignored the voices.
George: Voices?
Bill: In the middle of the electoral map. East coast, educated. West Coast educated. That gigantic midriff is composed of people who don’t understand responsible politics conducted by qualified people. He rode a wave of anger into the White House. Now we have the country being steered by a petulant wheelman with no navigational experience.
George: It makes you wonder about the democratic process. Perhaps there should be a test people have to pass before they are registered as qualified to vote. Do they read policy? Or only get it from TV reality shows?
Bill: The Romans only allowed Patricians to vote.
George: Hardly a good example when you have the anger of the hoi-polloi leveled against the elites.
People everywhere say they are shocked by the outcome of the U.S. election. Markets collapse. People interviewed on the street in Japan say they are scared about future US-Japan relations. Prime Minister Abe puts it in diplomatic speech: he “hopes’ he can work with Trump on “diplomatic” issues.

When a company needs a new manager, or a school needs a new professor, others who know the field review applications and interview the candidate. It may not be quite democratic, but it can be an informed choice for the good of all.  

Maybe we don’t understand enough about America. Through movies, it has seemed familiar, but really, the election result shows middle America is as extreme as a jihadist state.

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