Thursday, September 15, 2016

Infographics by Humboldt 1807 and Minard 1869

Beyond mere maps…
Humboldt: Naturgemälde
Andrea: Alexander von Humboldt published a stunning infographic, in 1807. It was a picture of Mt. Chimborazo in Ecuador. He called it Naturgemälde meaning a ‘painting of nature’ but which also implies a sense of unity. On either side were details of temperature, humidity, light and how they influenced the plant life at different elevations.
Napoleon's March on Moscow
Edward: Napoleon’s army marched to Moscow in 1812. Some 420,000 set off and only 10,000 made it back. Charles Minard made an infographic of the disaster in 1869. It included geography of the route, numbers of soldiers, and temperatures.
Infographics are not new. Humboldt had more than 50 artists design many graphics to explain how geography and nature were interrelated. Minard was an engineer who produced more than 50 statistical charts.

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