Monday, September 12, 2016

Messi and the Ferrari

The rich are different…
Riki: I hear there are 10 million people in the world with more than a million euros in the bank.

Ferrari 335 Scaglietti … 
the value of 
historical provenance… 
Edgardo: But the super rich are different. Like Lionel Messi. He’s rich. He can buy a Ferrari 335 Scaglietti for 32 million euros.
Riki: There’s a disjunct here. Messi’s other cars are expensive but mostly between 80 to 150 thousand euros. And road usable. But 32 million euros? For a 1957 model that has no roof and no air conditioner? And one that you cannot drive on the road? Why?
Edgardo: Competitive bidding in the auction with rival Ronaldo? His wife’s cousin’s name is Scaglia? Maybe vehicle rarity value? Only four 335s were built. Investment?
Riki: At least you can live in an overpriced real estate investment.
Net worth 200 million euros, Lionel Messi makes something like 5 million euros per month. 29 years old. Out of everyman’s shopping league…

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