Monday, September 19, 2016

Fractured Fairy Tale: Wiesner’s Three Pigs

After story time…
Escape from the wolf...
Adult: Did you like that story of the Three Pigs?
Child: It was different. Not like the old story.
Adult: No, the original story was just about the wolf and the pigs. This one jumped to other stories and mixed things up.
Child: Pigs jumping out of the story. And mixing up dragons and cats.
David Wiesner’s post-modern telling of The Three Little Pigs is a fractured fairy tale. Reviewers mostly liked it. Telling an old story in a different way, putting a twist in the tale, a fractured fairy tale takes a traditional fairy tale and changes the setting, characters, plot or point of view.

Most fractured fairy tales are from Europe. How about retelling a Japanese traditional tale such as Urashima Taro, or Kaguya Hime as a post-modern fractured fairy tale?

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