Thursday, July 23, 2015

Computer Assisted Language Learning and Technology Enhanced Language Learning

Programmed learning
Techtalk on CALL and TELL…
Mark: Learning by computer has parallels with learning theories. Warschauer identifies three phases: structured learning of the 1950s and programmed learning by computers; then the community learning movement of the 1970s resulting in communication activities on computer; and an integrative approach since the 2000s incorporating multimedia and the internet.

Stephen: So CALL is not just computers now. Other technologies too…

Mark: Yes, TELL, or technology enhanced language learning.

Stephen: Computers used to be on the desk. Now a smartphone is a computer, it’s portable.

Mark: There’s still a need for computers, for accessing databases for example. There’s still a place for media rooms like a theater.

Stephen: But a lot can be done on smartphones or tablets. Teachers can run class management systems, communicate with students using social media, students can post work back.

Device proliferation is understandable. No one size fits all. But the mid-size tablets or laptop computers are surprisingly capable.

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