Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Modern or Postmodern?

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Discussion on post-modern photographs...

Jean: Why cut the pictures up into fragments? It is a postmodern approach.

Noam: But it doesn’t clarify, it tends to obscure. What are the principles of a postmodern approach to photography?
Blackboard Art

Jean: It deconstructs, and through many fragments we can see more. We can see many spaces, we can sense time passing.

Noam: I’m still skeptical.

Jean: Postmodernism is supposed to make us skeptical, to make us question. To see reality differently.
Modernism and postmodernism are movements particularly found in art, literature, architecture.
Modernism focused on simplification, minimalism and eliminating non-essential elements.
Postmodernism reacts against modernism and revives historical techniques.

Question: Are these pictures examples of modernism or postmodernism?

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028 Modern
Neo photos are categorized into new design in which old designs are renewed.