Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spinal stoop and text neck

Spinal stoop
Naomi reports a pain in her neck…
Fitness Fiend: You use a computer and you text. I’ve seen you. You spend a lot of time squinting at screens. Hunching over a computer, leaning over a mobile phone. Result is the same. Pain in the neck.

Text neck
Naomi: Have to see a chiropractor to straighten things out?

Fitness Fiend: Not always. Take frequent breaks and pull your chin into your neck when at the computer. Rotate shoulders. Sit up straight and hold phone high when texting.

If you are addicted to the chiropractor twisting your neck to make it go click as a quick fix, go ahead, pay the fee. The lower-key and more economic option is to do the preventive maintenance.

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