Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Lion's Game and 9-11

On improbable premises…
Philippe: The airliner has no radio communication with the tower on approach, it lands and stops at the end of the runway.

David: So?

Philippe: Well, the fire department opens a door and finds that everyone, pilots, attendants, passengers, has passed out.

David: Could a plane land completely on autopilot?

Philippe: It’s not impossible, but very, very unlikely.

David: I couldn’t read a book starting from an impossible premise like that.

Philippe: But the suspense is relentless. DeMille specializes in such plots.
A predictable plot provokes yawns.
An outrageous event occasions gasps.

Ironically, Nelson DeMille in researching “The Lion’s Game” (2000), had heard from New York’s Joint Terrorism Task Force in 1999 something even more outrageous. They predicted even then that …”jets would be flown by suicide pilots into the World Trade Center.” Le fait est étrange que la fiction.

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