Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shoes, common sense and gratuitous consumption

Imelda is walking funny…
Amy: Shoes giving you grief?

Imelda: I’m breaking them in. They’re good shoes, a good brand. But the heels are a bit high.

Amy: I can see that. I have a friend who wears sensible shoes. Low heels. They’re Dutch shoes. There’s something about the Dutch.

Imelda: Yes. Sensible people?

Amy: No-nonsense. Down to earth. Full of common sense. Gerzond verstand. Opposite of superficial.

Imelda: Oops.
A Dutch proverb: “Common sense is not necessarily the most commonplace quality in the world. Gezond verstand is niet noodzakelijkerwijs de meest verspreide kwaliteit ter wereld.” Especially when it comes to shoes. But beyond common sense, Amy might also be baiting Imelda on her gratuitous consumption.

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