Monday, September 22, 2014

Thanking Someone for Their Unconsciously Spreading Happiness

Catch ball after a picnic
Déjeuner approaches young couple in the park…

Déjeuner: Excuse me, it’s nothing really. I just wanted to say…

Young man looks worried, young woman less so.)

Déjeuner: I was having lunch, over there, on my porch, and watching you play catch ball. Your joy and laughter made my lunch taste better.

Young man relaxes, young woman smiles.)

Déjeuner: I just wanted to say “thank you” for my lunchtime entertainment. You live close by?

Young woman: Quite far. Yokohama. For a picnic here.

Déjeuner: That’s pretty far. Mind the mosquitoes. There’s been some dengue…

Young woman: We’ve been bitten. (Scratching at welts.) We’re packing up.

Déjeuner: I have some mosquito balm at home.

Young woman: It’s OK. Really. We’ll get some at the station.

Déjeuner: Thanks again and good luck!
In saying “thank you” for something serendipitous, words have to be chosen, mollifiers to allay anxiety need to be chosen. Imagine if Déjeuner had said, “Excuse me, I want a word with you two.” The young woman picks up quicker on the mollifiers than the young man. Ever wanted to express gratitude to someone (a catch ball-playing couple laughing and leaping) or something (a flower unexpectedly blooming) for bringing a smile to your face?

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