Monday, September 29, 2014

Taste of Starbucks Coffee… in Asmara?

Asmara Stabas
Discussing a subject near and dear…

Eritrean: I’ve often thought Starbucks coffee tastes too strong, tastes burnt.

Ethiopian: I always thought their coffee had no aroma, had no taste.

Eritrean: Coffee is subjective. Take roasting. Some like it mild, some like it dark. Starbucks does it dark. Burnt, in my taste. Who likes burnt beans?

Ethiopian: Apparently some do.

Eritrean: We seem to be at odds. You think Stabas is tasteless. I think it doesn’t suit my taste. But we continue to meet here. Maybe the bulldozer of marketing buries the mouse of culture.

Ethiopian: Bulldozer? Mouse? Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

Eritrean: Article on Tibet. Nothing to do with coffee. Have you ever tried Eritrean coffee? Mind-blowing.

Ethopian: Ethiopian light roast doesn’t taste so bad either.

So we borrow. Usually unacknowledged as a shortcut to sounding original. But getting back to the taste of coffee. A topic on which everyone is an expert. Correction. A topic on which everyone has an opinion. Tastes vary. Widely. Wildly, even. Example here.


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