Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Edna Excoriates Ecclestone

Is Edna too OLD for Formula One?
Edna: Yes, Possums, I’m leaving it all. Going back to my roots. Moonee Ponds. One last fling with Les and that’ll be it. Timing it to arrive when all that Formula One nonsense is over. Last time in Adelaide, I said to Eckie, “Why can’t you have your little races somewhere else like Wagga Wagga?” so he plumped me in a driver’s seat and I had the thrill of my life, Possums, believe me. Oooh! All that vibration! I couldn’t say a word, could I?
I had the thrill of my life, Possums.
But this year, I said, “Eckie, I’d like some peace and quiet, can’t you have your little cars run quietly? They sound like whining mozzies and you can hear them all over Mellie, even in Moonee Ponds.” And you know what he said? “Can’t. Shan’t. Won’t.” Cheeky Eckie. So I said, “Eckie, if you can’t keep your cars quiet, I won’t turn up at your tent to open your event. No matter how many gladdies you give me. I’m going on a tour with Les. When you’ve cleared out, then I’ll come back to Melbourne.”
Ozzie English which Dame Edna captures so well in the monologues that she is so good at, can be caricatured with cuddly Ozzie address terms like “Possums,” euphonious aboriginal place names like “Wagga Wagga,” and chopping nouns and adding “-ie” as in “Eckie,” “Mellie,” “gladdies,” and “mozzies.”

Edna also is a very effective storyteller. Briskly she answers the wh5: what, who, where, when and why, often through reporting the conversations she has and preceded by "You know what he said?" or "So I said..."

Edna turns DIALOGUES into MONOLOGUES. She excels as a MONOLOGIST.


Anonymous said...

Can you leave message on an answer-phone machine quickly and confidently? I bet Dame Edna can do that. Love her (his?) colour, glasses, monologues, yes! I can talk to myself for 10 or 20 minutes, but prefer an audience. Edna’s lucky. She has a huge number of fans. She’s too young to retire. Far to soon for her to go back to Moonee Ponds.

Barry Natusch said...

Very good point about confidence in leaving a message on someone's answerphone. There are people who are so spooked by having to do this they hang up and compose a message, practice it, and then call back to leave it. People who are quite relaxed in ordinary conversation!

Barry Natusch said...

Luckily most answerphones are timed to only record a minute or so of a message. Can you imagine finding someone's 10 or 20 minute MONOLOGUE on your answerphone? LOL.

Barry Natusch said...

"Far too young to retire?" Well, Bazza at 78 might not be feeling quite up to mincing about on Edna's high heels and getting on her high horse any more. Takes a lot of energy. Fans can be fickle. Miss a few tricks and they start whispering he/she is past it. It's possible Bazza is pining to get back to the gum trees before fans change from laughing WITH him to laughing AT him! A graceful exeunt before a coup de grâce?