Sunday, March 18, 2012

Finger-wagging as a diversion?

Sean challenges George.
Sean: Why did you get yourself arrested?
George: Draw attention to the issue. To make a point about Sudan.
Sean: And I believe Scotland should be independent but I don’t wag the finger at the English. There are other ways.
George: You’re wagging the finger at me now. Another reason is that I don’t wear makeup in movies or in public and it’s starting to show. I needed a diversion. I wagged a finger.
Sean: And I want to become old with a good face, like Picasso.
Finger-wagging, denoting disapproval, admonition, perhaps shame on you, also expressed in smiley code as [-X. It’s usually to emphasize a point than divert attention. Unless you happen to be an aging actor.


Anonymous said...

When I watched the news, I was puzzled why George was arrested for speaking about Sudan. Does America really protect the freedom of speech? In America it seems political power is controlled by the police. In Sudan political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.

Barry Natusch said...

In America police also carry guns. You have to watch what you say, so "freedom of speech" is controlled. George deliberately crossed a line to be arrested. Being arrested was his statement. Authorities arresting high profile people for human rights issues need to tread carefully. Mohandas Gandhi was arrested several times but in the end, the British were forced to leave India. Water dripping on the rock will eventually wear the rock away.