Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Multimodal Metaphor Exchange

Two participants in a multimodal metaphor exchange.

Violet: The length of the stem shows how long we’ve been talking.
Rose: And the flower?
Violet: Flower shows how many messages a person posts.
Rose: More petals, more messages?
Violet: And the more recent ones are brighter on the right.
Rose: Sweet metaphor! 3D!
Violet: 3D indeed. But on a flat screen.


Two participants in a multimodal metaphor exchange. Multimodal because the exchanges are text message, depicted visually. This is an idea for depicting duration, activity, and recency in message exchanges suggested by Rebecca Xiong and Judith Donath way back in 1999.



Anonymous said...

A beautiful dialogue is not only one side. Two will make this world more out standing, because their message changed.
Flower is a symbol, color is the message and their patterns is the metaphor. There are varieties flowers..The Multimodal Metaphor exchanges made me think about...The message in our life.

Barry Natusch said...

A conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue (Truman Capote).
A good conversational garden might feature two flowers of equal size but different colors.
Xiong and Donath used magenta to represent initial posts and blue to represent replies.
A more complex model might assign colors to topics or feelings.