Friday, November 26, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright plate


Two mallards chat after finishing a plate of duck weed.

Mallard 1: Nice plate.
Mallard 2: Nice plate. Who do you think?
Mallard 1: Designed it?
Mallard 2: Frank Lloyd Wright. Everyone knows that.
Mallard 1: Everyone? I didn’t. How come you knew it?
Mallard 2: Oh, I just knew it. From somewhere.

The airy way that that Mallard 1 says he knew it is (a) self-aggrandizing (“I know more than you ha ha,”), (b) a way of putting down Mallard 2, and (c) reinforcing his top of the roost position yet NOT admitting he learned it from Wikipedia.
We’re all a little guilty of this sometimes.

Comment on the plate: A little over designed perhaps? Unlike FLW's organic architecture!


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