Saturday, March 21, 2009

Going down fighting

Grigori returns from visiting his brother Vladimir, Grigori thinks it was the last time he will see Vlad.


Grigori: The nurse was there when I arrived, she’d left some medicine, some heart medicine…

Alexandre: To get it going again if it stopped?

Grigori: Maybe not. Maybe to make it easy. She was from the hospice.

Alexandre: Did he recognize you?

Grigori: I thought he was gone at one stage. No pulse for a whole minute. Then it started again. I said, “It’s me, Grigori.” And he opened one eye. And I said, “Everyone says hello and Godspeed.” And then he whispered, “Tha - thang.”

Alexandre: He heard.

Grigori: He understood. But the nurse said, it’s going to be difficult for him. He’s the type that doesn’t let go easily. He may hang on for a few days. Or more.

Alexandre: Vlad’s a fighter. In the war. Escaping from the prison camp. Breaking in the farm. Never giving up on his kids, even with one a full-on bipolar.

Grigori: He’s not going to let go easily. He’ll hang on and on and go down fighting. It’s going to be hard on us all.



The last days of a life. The words stop. Sight and touch become the channels of communication. Again. Just as in our first days of life.


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