Thursday, March 19, 2009

In cooking things just happen

Helen holds forth on cooking.


Helen: Cooking borrows. Cooking depends on what is to hand, the art of cooking lies on the details, the subtleties, the context.

Jackie: Example?

Helen: Example, this lamb has a lamby taste, yes, but there is mixed in the flavor of tomatoes, the sniff of garlic, the texture of onion. And alongside, the potatoes, bathed in a mushroom sauce, does that not…

Jackie: What?

Helen: Is it not suggestive?

Jackie: Yes. It suggests you gave up serving up a soup and instead turned it into a mushroom sauce for the caulis and brocs.

Helen: Exactly. In my cooking, nothing is ever as planned. TJH. Things just happen. Que sera.

Jackie: Whatever will be, will be.



Helen is in full Socratic flight as she pushes Jackie twice with negative interrogations: “Does that not…?” and “Is it not suggestive…?”

But Jackie is not the passive student Helen is treating her as. She CAN suggest that the soup became a sauce, and she CAN translate from Turkish to English. 


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