Saturday, February 14, 2009

A rolling stone gathers moss

Sindbad tells the Roc to let him down near the men on the mountain.


Sindbad: Over there, near the men who've come to collect the diamonds.

Roc: But you have diamonds.

Sindbad: Sure. But I don’t know the way home. The men waiting, they know the way.

Roc: OK, so you give them some diamonds and they tell you the way.

Sindbad: Good thinking. But I go home, I have no diamonds, everyone laughs, and they say a rolling stone gathers no moss.

Roc: Give the men only half the diamonds.



Sindbad, eternal rolling stone, rewrites the proverb. A rolling stone gathers no moss? A rolling stone CAN gather moss. Squirrel a bit away on your travels. Fly Roc Air.


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