Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Analogue digital mix

Amid an exchange of abbreviations, Gerhard helps Ned get his car going.


Gerhard: Maybe the EST has a bit of H20 in it.

Ned: It’s not a DIS system.

Gerhard: No, this is an oddity, this box on the coil, it does the EST work, then sends the current to a distributor. Here, just hold the DVOM a sec will you?

Ned: Odd, isn’t it. No EFI, but it has ESC.

Gerhard: It was the 80s, they were mixing it. Bits were analogue, bits were digital.



Brevity, through abbreviations, brings engineers closer together.

EST = electronic spark timing

DIS = distributorless ignition system

DVOM = digital volt-ohmmeter

EFI = electronic fuel injection

ESC = electronic spark control


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