Thursday, July 12, 2018

Spied on by a drone

Unnerving surveillance experience…
I Am a Camera...
Ethan: We were sitting in the garden, and suddenly this drone comes over the wall, and hovers there. Threatening, four or five meters away, eye-level, filming us talking.
Stefan: Hmm. Unsettling. But drones aren’t dangerous in themselves. They don’t have a malicious intelligence. The operator might but the drone doesn’t.
Ethan: Hard to separate the two. I see Germany is buying drones from Israel for surveillance.
Stefan: Just for looking.
Ethan: Yes, but those same Israeli drones can be weaponized. From a looking drone, it’s a simple step to a shooting drone.
Fears that AI will overtake human intelligence. That robots, androids and drones with their superior intelligence will have no need of human beings… A Robopocalypse. Will they allow us to live among them as avatars? Might humans morph into robots, androids and drones.
Or is it as Steven Pinker reminds us in Enlightenment Now, that artificial intelligence is not in itself dangerous. Confusing AI with evil motivations is a fallacy: “…intelligence in Homo sapiens is a product of Darwinian natural selection… with goals such as dominating rivals and amassing resources…there is no law of complex systems that says that intelligent agents must turn into ruthless conquistadors.” (Pinker, 2018: 297).

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