Sunday, April 29, 2018

Venetian masks (2)

Après party...
Domenico: So how did it go?
Lucretia: Everyone came, braving the countryside, suffering through confusing directions, surviving the CoCo bus ride or hikes through fields, bringing gourmet delicacies and enduring rounds of Proustian jousting. A day to remember, seeing everyone, reawakening memories, and creating some new ones. They were all brilliant.
Through a mask, darkly...
Domenico: And they all answered the Proust questions?
Lucretia: With aplomb.
Domenico: And the Venetian masks?
Lucretia: Absolutely necessary. The true self emerges from behind a mask.
Insight: Asking Proust questions with no warning, no preparation. It might work face to face but there would be fidgeting, squirming, and pausing. Suggestion: In front of a camera give possible questions beforehand to help squirming subjects prepare.

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