Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Proustian questions and Venetian masks (1)

Party game…
Antonio: I think we should do a Proust questionnaire.
Cecilia: What, on everyone? Too time consuming.
Antonio: How about one question for each person at random? And we video their responses. Like they do in Inside Actors' Studio.
Cecilia: Some of the guests are publicity-shy.
You must not know who I am...
Antonio: OK. So they wear Venetian, you know...
Cecilia: Blinds?
Antonio: Venetian masks. I have a collection.
Proust questions, a selection:
The principal aspect of my personality.
The quality that I desire in a man.
The quality that I desire in a woman.
What I appreciate most about my friends.
My favorite pastime.
My dream of happiness.
What would be my greatest misfortune?
What I should like to be.
The country where I should like to live.
The flower that I like.
My favorite bird.
My favorite prose authors.
My heroes in fiction.
My favorite heroines in fiction.
My favorite composers.

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